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Francofest 2009. Le français à travers le monde! is the theme at the second Francofest to be held on Tuesday, April 21, 2009 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Over 700 French students from Windsor/Essex, Catholic and Public high schools will convene at the Ciociaro Club of Windsor to celebrate French language, culture, and careers in French. You are cordially invited to celebrate French language, cuisine, history, and culture from around the world. All of the day’s events will be in French.

One of the goals of this day is to encourage the study of French at the high school level and beyond. Francofest is organized and led by French teachers and professionals who are members of the French as a Second Language Renewal Committee 2009 sponsored by the Ministry of Education and the Greater Essex County and Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Boards. This dynamic event is gratis to all invited students.

Students will attend a variety of sessions that highlight the diverse art, music, sporting events, and cuisine of French speaking countries and regions. Some of the activities include Les Bûcherons, French Songs, French Games, tasty gastronomic delights, and much more.

Students will compete in team contests with French themes, including pétanque and waiter races. It is a wonderful opportunity for students and teachers to celebrate the French community of Windsor and Essex County, and to experience the diversity of the French culture.

Sessions to which all students are required to attend include:

La foire des carrières / Career Walk and Guest Speaker
Madame Cadillac Dance Troupe / History of Windsor/Detroit through Dance
Le Café français / French Gastronomic Delights with Serenades
Les Bûcherons  - square dancing & spoons
La pétanque / “bowling” French style
La course des serveurs / Waiter Race
Mardi Gras – mask making, pancakes & games
Clogging - dancing
Le concours de Mousse / Mousse Eating Contest
Battling Interpreters
Les fromages et la pâtisserie français/ A cheese and pastry gastronomic adventure

Please join us in this celebration of French language and culture around the world.

Vive le français!

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